Monday, May 19, 2008

Free Funeral Program Template

Looking for a free funeral program template? Well, I have compiled a short list where you will be sure to find a good free funeral program template.

The best site that I was able to find with a free funeral program template is called Funeral Program Templates. You can find the free funeral program template toward the top of the page. All you need to open the program template is Microsoft Word. This website is fairly professional, and although their free funeral program template is nice, it might be worth it to pay the $19 and buy one of their premium templates.

A second website worth checking out for a free funeral program template can be found here. It has some good pointers on what you should include in your template, and is worth checking out. I hope finding a free funeral program template was a relatively painless process.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Free Obituary Templates

Good free obituary templates are difficult to come by. However, I have done some research and found some of the best free obituary templates out there. These free obituary templates are very helpful in a time of grief, when you don't need any extra stress in your life.

The best free obituary templates can be found at, this website offers several free obituary templates as well as a style guide and other helpful advice.

The second best site I have found for free obituary templates is This site specializes in free obituary templates for yourself. It is so that others will not have to write an obituary for you. However, it also has a free template that you can use for anyone. It is a good second choice.

Funny Comic Strips Reviewed

There are a lot of Comic strips out there, but only a handful of them happen to be funny comic strips. My friend Bryce over at The Daily Comics Review reads through tons of comic strips every day. He hand picks the funny comic strips as well as the weird or unintentionally stupid comic strips (Mark Trail for example). If you want to see a great selection of funny comic strips go to the Daily Comics Review right now!