Friday, April 01, 2005

Now we are going to war with Mexico

The recent minuteman project in Arizona is doing a little bit more than just sparking controversy. The Mexican army is being stationed at the Mexico-Arizona Border. El Universal Online reports:
    "Friday, Miguel Escobar Valdez, Mexican Consul in Douglas, Arizona, said the Mexican military was bracing for possible violence on the border.

    "The Mexican army is on alert," Escobar said. "Also, law enforcement will be vigilant because the situation is very volatile. This is because, I have to say it, there are violent and radical elements on both sides of the border.""

This is out of control. Most of these people are trying to escape their harsh living situations by coming to the United States. If there is anyone in the world that we should be close with, it should be Mexico (Canada is far too good for us). We need to help out our neighbors, not hurt them. If they do not cross in Arizona, they will cross somewhere else. It is inevitable, we can not keep the united states all white for ever you bigots.

Wow, bigots, well not everyone that does this is a bigot. Take Henry Esparza:

    I have never shot anyone and would never shoot one of my people," Esparza said. "I am the grandson of Chihuahuan immigrants and I consider myself Mexican. But I cannot accept that criminals and terrorists are coming into my country. I think that Al Qaeda could take advantage of the border to infiltrate the country."

WHAT ABOUT CANADA? WHAT IS THE DIFRENCE? This poor man has been led to believe that he needs to stop his own people from crossing into the United States to stop terrorism. WHAT ABOUT CANADA! I do not understand why there is no North Dakota Minutemen action going on at the Canadian border. Oh wait, yes I do, there is no propaganda that talks about the threats of terrorist coming down from Canada. Well just wait my friends. The United States is not done distancing itself from the rest of the world, Canada, YOU ARE NEXT!


agitprop said...

I live somewhat close to this battlefield--in Southern California--and our local media has been covering this story a lot. It's sick that the government has allowed these vigilantes to hunt down Mexicans who are crossing the border. They say that they will not harm the border crossers but the Minutemen are equipped with guns and night-vision equipment. Sounds like paramilitary to me. The majority of people here seem to support the Minutemen because they are anti-immigrant and complain about the "illegal aliens" spilling over the border. I don't think they'll be war over this, but its going to be a big diplomatic issue as well as an issue in the 2006 elections.

Viva la Revolucion!

Anonymous said...

You two are complete, fucking idiots.

Anonymous said...

im from canada, and all i hear up here is how we have terrorists hiding out and travelling to the US from here. they r setting up bio-scanners, and special ID cards for ne1 comming to the US from Canada, expect it to b in full use by 2010. "oh Hi there Big Brother, i didnt c u there...."

bathmate said...

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shane said...

I agree with anon you people are fucking retarded. America was founded on immigration not running across the border ina mad dash to make a few dollars. And it definitely was not founded on drug smuggling, counterfeiting, and human trade. There are legal ways to enter this country and that is the only acceptable way. If it was up to me you would be considered a threat to national security.