Friday, April 01, 2005

Tom Potter's fight for oversight

Tom Potter is trying to take a stand against the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF). What a pinko commie. He thinks "Civilians in a free society should have oversight over the police who serve them." I think he is asking for a little much. He wants to know what the people under him are being ordered to do by the government. He is stepping way out of line. He has asked for “Portland's top civilian leaders [to] have the same security clearances as the police officers who serve on federal task forces.” He not only wants himself to know what the JTTF is doing in Portland, but also for the Chief of Police and the city’s attorney. Talk about untrusting. He doesn’t want the JTTF to do anything illegal like investigate a person or group based on religion or political affiliation, and he thinks having an “attorney” will enable him see if someone is breaking the law. Why can’t he just trust his government? Next time we get a new mayor, I want him to be a little more patriotic and believing in his country. It is not like our government ever messed up before.

To read what this out of control socialist has to say read his opinion piece in the Oregonian.

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