Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The best way to increase blog readership

Is also the worst way to increase blog readership. I was doing an experiment on different types of commentary strategies, as far as pointing people back to my blog. It turns out, the most evil type of comment worked the best.

That is, when I just spam people’s comments I get a lot more Traffic. I was just copying and pasting this :

I would just look for the newest blogs popping up on blogwise, and spam my comment. This worked great; in fact, it doubled my average traffic, or readership, for the last couple of days. However, it is evil.

I feel bad for doing it, and I am sorry to everyone that I spammed. Although it works great, it does not offer anything good to the blogosphere. It is especially not on par with most of the productive comments that are usually posted – especially in the blogs that I frequent.

So, although it works, I do not suggest that anyone tries it unless they want to be hated. I do not want to be hated. On the contrary, I would rather be liked. And even followed as some sort of good example, that is why I am not doing this anymore. But I do still plan on leaving quality comments even though it makes more time.

I am stopping the spam in accordance with my revolution. I want to make the world a better place, not a worse one.


activist kaza said...

Eric: Kool, and now that you're doing penance, you can come check out what we're talking about at: (PS - I don't want to be hated, either, but we welcome passionate opinion!)

G said...

Eric - First I want to say GREAT Blog! I didn't expect to spend so much time reading when I popped over to thank you for leaving a comment regarding the whole Wendy's Finger in the Chili entry I posted.

I'll be checking back in on you from time to time for some entertaining and informative reading.

Cheers -

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric,
Don't feel bad. I saw b!X's comment in response to your plug on his site. Not to worry, it's a standard comment he uses any time someone gets off topic. There are good times to plug and not good times. b!X is very focused on the JTTF right now and has the best coverage of it of any bloggers around, so I think he just wanted to keep the discussion as focused as he is.

A good spot to plug right now is over at Blue Oregon where there is a post from yesterday about the progressive blogosphere being left out of a panel that the National Press Club is having regarding the Gannon/Guckert case. Kari invites people to introduce themselves in the comment section if they are progressive bloggers. He also provides a link to a fellow blogger who has written an open letter to the NPC and is asking bloggers to sign on to it.

The best time to plug yourself is when you've written a post that pertains to the discussion.

And just remember, you're not hated. We're all learning blog-etiquette(sp).

Sid - my own plug ;-)

Anonymous said...

One more thought: When you post a link to your blog or a post on your blog on a blog (does that make sense) think of it as an invitation to a friendship, albiet not a friendship in the traditional sense, but in a blog sense.

If someone posts something obnoxious on your blog, chances are you're not going to want to blog around with that person. If someone is plugging themselves off topic on your blog, you might feel frustrated because you feel that they are taking away from the forum you've established.

If someone posts a relevant link then it's like, "hey, you're interested in this topic too!" and chances are you'll post their link on your blog's sidebar and they'll post yours on their sidebar. And then every so often you take the time to check in on their blog, and hopefully they're doing the same with yours. And in doing this we're building up the progressive echo chamber in the blogosphere which we hope will have an impact on the direction of our country.

Make sense?


Magnus said...

Nay'ah problem mate.
No point in setting up a blog if no one reads it. You didn't spam me I don't think, you just replied to something I put up. That's how I came to know about your blog. I think we all look at the blog (or myriad of blogs in Gayla's case) or profile of people who post on our blogs, it is natural.
And with that, did I mention I have my own blog? ;)

Yanni Znaio said...

Hi, Eric:

No response to my long-delayed email, huh?

I found a book you might be interested in:
VOLUNTEER REVOLUTION : Unleashing the Power of Everybody

I don't really like feeding the AMAZONster, but since discontinued its affiliate program, it's pretty much the only game in town.


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I Am Not Legend said...

You are right, this is a most vile practice.

BTW, check out my blogs!


I Am Not Legend said...

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