Sunday, March 27, 2005

Not as Original as I thought.

I thought that I was original when I was talking about making a campaign that would say that Jesus wants you to save the environment. Fortunately for the environment (unfortunately for my unoriginality) there is already a group like this.

I was so interested in this and I really wanted to pursue it, but then I found the Evangelical Environmental Network. This group is the creator of What Would Jesus Drive and other genius things.

These guys have already done everything that I planned on doing and more. They are super great, and I encourage anyone to go to their website, religious or not. Here is a little sampler:
    Biblically understood, "the environment" is actually part of God's creation, of which human beings are also a part. So why should we care for all of God's creation?

  • Christ died to reconcile all of creation to God (Col. 1:20).

  • All of creation belongs to Jesus (Col. 1:16; Ps. 24:1).

  • It fulfills the Great Commandments to love God and love what God loves. (It's hard to love a child with asthma when you're filling her lungs with pollution.)

  • Pollution hurts the poor the most, and Christians are called to care for the poor and the less powerful (Mt. 25:37-40).

  • Thus, caring for all of creation provides a Christian with the deepest sense of joy and contentment since it is part of loving God. We call this "creation-care."

These guys are great. I emailed them, and asked them to make a banner for me to put on my blog. I can only hope that they follow through, they are doing such a good thing for our country/environment.

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Magnus said...

Most interesting and good to know. My parents were supporters of Greenpeace when I was a kid so their concerns rubbed off at an early age. After I converted to Christianity, I was surprised to discover that most people in the churches I attended did not share those concerns - some even regarded environmentalism as anti-Christian. It is a relief to know that this is finally turning around.