Saturday, March 05, 2005

Fourth Action: Save the Children

Today I took a huge step forward with my revolution, and will continue to do so three days a week. I am trying to help people and get the public informed on the problems of our community. The best part is, while helping, and advancing my revolution, I am going to get paid for doing so.

I just got a job in Portland, and now I work for Save The Children.

I am the guy on the street that asks you if you have a second for Save The Children, and tells you how 1 in 5 (20%) of children in rural United States are living in poverty without proper education nor adequate health care. I am the guy that helps raise funds to go towards literacy and nutritional education programs. I am the guy that asks you to make a contribution to help break the vicious cycle of poverty, by getting these kids out of their current situations, and helping them catch up to their peers.

I am feeling pretty good about this job, as far as my revolution goes, and I hope that I can help somebody ( I already raised $17 for this NPO) . Maybe I will keep some sort of running total of funds raised.

If anyone is concerned with the state of our national problem, and wants to help these poverty stricken children, I encourage you to go to Save The Children and look into sponsoring a child.

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