Thursday, March 10, 2005

Wal-Mart Labor Battle Puts Quebec on Edge

Canada is Great!

This is from the International Herald Tribune

...Wal-Mart's announcement last month that it could no longer do business here because of skimpy store revenue and escalating union demands is having a much broader impact across Canada and even south of the border. The closing - the first of a Wal-Mart in Canada - is a strategic retreat for the retailer in its war with organized labor.

...At least three other Wal-Mart outlets in Quebec have received bomb threats since the Jonquière closing announcement, forcing evacuations of people and losses in sales. Bernard Landry, the leader of the separatist Parti Québecois and a former premier of the province, has announced that he is personally boycotting the chain. A Quebec television broadcaster compared Wal-Mart to Nazism, but later apologized.

"What we were left with was a store that was not going to be viable," Andrew Pelletier, director for corporate affairs at Wal-Mart Canada, said in an interview. "We felt the union wanted to fundamentally change the store's business model."

Written by: Clifford Krauss

[I think the "buisness model" they were talking about was getting cheap dispensable labor to be able to push around, and fire when they start to ask for to much.]

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