Thursday, March 17, 2005

Oregon legislature and a billion bills

Actually, it is only somewhere around a 1,267 new bills in the House and 1,060 new bills introduced in the Senate, but no body is keeping track of them. After reading a post called Oregon Legislature Fiddles While State Burns by Vocal Minority

    ...the fact that these new bills are introduced daily and the media chooses to virtually ignore them. The Oregonian posts a Bill Watch column buried in the paper’s Metro section listing a few of the interesting ones. They generally don’t write anything about a new bill unless it pertains to land use laws or same sex marriage. In the past the press has been touted as a government watchdog that protects us by informing the public on what our government is doing so they can’t operate in secrecy.

I have been inspired. I am going to spend my spring break pouring through the vastness that are the 2005 legislature house and senate bills. I am making it my mission to bring some sort of light onto what is going on in our state.

Stay tuned for more! also, if you want to do some searching for yourself I urge you to go to Oregon Legislative Assembly, 2005 Regular Session Measures"

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