Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Great Beach Cleanup: Dirty Seaside

I just got back from seaside, and boy was it dirty. The beach I mean, there was tons of little plastic junk and garbage everywhere. It blew my mind, being only 2 days after the Great Oregon Beach Cleanup. As you may or may not know, I took part in this cleanup, but I went to a little beach, because I did not think there would be not that much help there. Turns out, I should have gone to Seaside. Seaside was so dirty, I just can not figure it out. There were tons of kids there for spring break, it seems like some of them must have helped out, or should have helped out. I CAN NOT understand, there where so many people there even during the bad weather yet there was still a problem.

The 4,100 volunteers who came out to beaches up and down the coast on Saturday, trash bags in hand, hauled away 58,000 pounds of garbage - impressive, but far below the record of 70,000 pounds.

I am one of the die hard 4,100 volunteers, and along with my special lady helped contribute to 1/2050th of the finding of a television set, a washing machine, a couch, two hot water heaters and more than 100 tires.
This fall, more people better come, or I will have to take some sort of EXTREME ACTION!

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Magnus said...

58,000 lbs! That's horrific. Mind you, I have no idea what it is like at this end of the coast - I have never heard of that kind of volunteer action happening up here. Good on Oregon.
BTW Eric, I like your blog. Think I should be doing something similar with my own, local action wise.