Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Bigots Bonanza - Ban on Civil Unions proposed in Senate

I know I have been writing, or looking for articles, about problems with the gay community. I guess this is a big problem for me. The problem being that there is so much discrimination against a people. For example, when Measure 37 was passed in Oregon it was the only thing to actually discriminate against a certain people. This is amazing that there is so much discrimination still going on! I thought we were done with that kind of stuff in the 1960's. I guess the ignorant will always prove me wrong. Anyway, I found this article in the Portland Mercury.

Bigots Bonanza

Encouraged by the victory of Measure 36, the bigots are trying to push gay and lesbian rights back even further during the current legislative session in Salem. State Senator Gary George (R-McMinnville) and Rep. Mac Sumner (R-Molalla) are pushing S.B. 799, a bill that would ban not only same-sex marriages but also civil unions.

An equally nefarious bill is working its way through the House. Sponsored by Gresham-based representative John Lim, H.B. 2401 would demand that married (heterosexual) couples be given preference over same-sex couples when an adoption is being considered.

I urge you to write your representative and tell him what you think, if you want to learn more about that, go to How to write effective letters to elected officials.

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