Saturday, March 26, 2005

New Reasons Against Fast Food

Earlier this week a woman in San Jose was enjoying her delicious Wendy’s chili. That is, until she discovered a human finger in her MOUTH! That is gross! Fortunately it was only about AN INCH AND A HALF OF FINGER!

Wendy’s along with the authorities are still looking for the owner of this finger ``We contacted each one of our suppliers that provide ingredients for chili, and each one of them told us they have had no employee accidents involving the fingers or hand,'' says Wendy’s Spokesman Denny Lynch.

If it was not from the “restaurant”, all I can think of is that it must be from one of the suppliers. I would not be surprised if employees working for these suppliers did not report it, or a report such as this would be lost, especially if the finger came in the ground beef container. The employees in slaughterhouses are often treated worse than the animals.
    "Meat processing facilities are also known to pose significant threats to worker safety. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, meat processing is the most dangerous job in the nation; in fact, the rate of injury and illness among slaughterhouse workers is approximately three times higher than the injury rate in the average U.S. factory. Every year, 29 out of every 100 meat processing workers sustains a work-related injury or illness that requires treatment beyond first aid. Given the pressure placed on slaughterhouse supervisors to report low injury-rates and the numerous past scandals involving injury-log falsification at slaughterhouses, it is likely that many additional injuries are never recorded
    - Eric Carlson

Wendy’s sales have dropped, especcialy in the San Jose area. All that I can hope is that all fast food sales start to drop until they start to change their dirty ways. I know that eating a finger is a little bit out of proportion, and I truly feel sorry for the almost cannable lady that was eating finger chili, but I just hope that the customers of the fast food industry realize that fast food does not have to be gross, and the workers do not have to be treated poorley.

Furthemore, I encourage everyone to read Fast Food Nation, and to watch Super Size Me.

For simple reading about why you should not eat fast food, I wrote a couple of articles on it.
  • Boycott fast food part 1

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    The Cod God said...

    Nobody cares.

    Go away.

    I'm not surprised to see that you are from Oregon.

    The Cod God said...
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    Magnus said...

    I worked at a Wendy's while in high school. Rest of the food aside, the chili should especially never be touched. It was made from the patties that had sat too long on the grill. (a manager told me they were a health risk at that point) They were thrown in a bucket. When the bucket was full it was taken out and dumped to make the chili. That meat could sit around for a while.
    Things may have changed since 1988 and the practice may not have been standard, (I also thought my managers were pretty weasely) but that was how they did it at my particular store.

    gbowles said...

    I must say that I care, workers are definitely overworked and underpaid these days, especially at the bottom of the food chain. And Oregon rocks btw. But none of this changes the fact that Wendy's is still my favorite fast food restaurant, fingers and all. Besides, it wasn't really their fault.

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