Friday, March 18, 2005

The Nuclear Option

In the past couple of months Senate’s republicans, lead by Frist, have been pushing for the “constitutional option” or more popularly known as the “nuclear option.” This tool would largely favor the republicans in the senate by allowing Bush’s judicial nominees to be voted for by majority, 51 votes, rather than the current 60 votes. This would eliminate the democrats’ ability to filibuster and stop some of these judicial nominees, and without the option to filibuster the federal bench would tip to the extreme right.

55 republicans and 44 democrats in the senate, all a judicial nominee would need are 5 extra democrat votes. I think that if a judicial nominee can get some sort of bipartisan support they deserve to be nominated. If the nuclear option goes into play then there would be no point for the democratic senators to show up to work. They would have no say in what goes on, and I do not think that is how our government should work. I am just saying NO to the nuclear option!

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