Saturday, March 12, 2005

House bills with negative impact on Oregon's Measure 37

Legislators and special interests are working on nearly 100
bills which would impact the land use system in one way or
another; some positively, others *very* negatively. Because of
the uncertainty created by Measure 37, the OCN believes it is
simply irresponsible to work on anything other than correcting
the problems that Measure 37 creates.

House Bills 2458 and 2549 are examples of this problem. Though
we expected votes on these two bills this week, they have been
carried over until Monday. This is our last chance! Both bills
represent very bad policies for our land use system. But they
are also wrong because they do not provide a comprehensive
solution to Measure 37.

Please call your Representative toll free and ask for their
opposition to both HB 2458 and HB 2549. Call 1-800-332-2313.

HB 2458 would create sprawl and uncontrolled development,
potentially threatening the economies of rural communities. A
fundamental premise of Oregon's land use planning program is
that development should be contained within urban growth
boundaries to prevent sprawl. House Bill 2458 would allow
counties to authorize industrial or commercial development, as
well as hotels and motels, in an unlimited number of so-called
"development zones" outside of UGBs. This means Wal-Marts and
strip malls could be built far from population centers and
existing infrastructure, severely undercutting the purpose of

HB 2549 authorizes a dwelling on every parcel of land if the
owner could have constructed a dwelling at the time of purchase.
We oppose HB 2549 because it adds more damage to the damage done
by Measure 37. This bill is not offered as a replacement to
Measure 37, but instead goes further - applying itself both
inside and outside of the Urban Growth Boundaries that protect
our farmland. The result of this bill would be less farmland,
higher taxes (to provide services to these dwellings), and
children who have to travel long distances to go to school.

Call now to ask your representative to oppose these bills -
because they represent both bad policy and the wrong approach to
dealing with Oregon's land use system.

Call 1-800-332-2313.

If you don't know who your State Representative is, you can find
out by calling the number above or by visiting:

For more information contact Elon Hasson, 1000 Friends of
Oregon, 503-481-8622

For more updates on bills that affect Oregon's environmental future sign up at SalemWatch

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