Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Importance of being involved in your community

I think that it is important to stay in your community, once you find one worth helping. It is important so that you can become a presence in your area, so you can have an effect on your surroundings. The longer you are in one place, the more time you have to make it better and more comfortable for you. You start by making contacts in your community, those with the same beliefs as you, and as you grow older with the community, you become more connected. This connection gives you a chance to make an impact. You do not like your schools? Volunteer in them to make them better. You do not like the way the garbage is piling up on your roads? Adopt them, and clean them yourself. You do not like the way the county/state government is being run? Write a letter or visit your representative.

The best way to stay involved in a community is to stay in the community. Through maintaining a positive impact on the community we gain respect, friendship, pride, and a better home place.

It is important to find a place to belong, and then belong. Find a place that you think will work with you, and stick it out. If no one took pride in their community, and if no one liked what was happening in it and just left, we would have a nation of people wandering from sub par community to sub par community. This is what we need to stop, we need to root ourselves in a place that we are comfortable with and try to create an environment of constant growth and betterment of society. This can only happen when people stay where they are, and take responsibility.

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