Monday, February 28, 2005

Third Action: Speaking with Senate and House

Today I drove for two hours to Salem Oregon, my states capital, to speak with my representatives in the house and the senate. This was a great thing to do for my revolution, because I got heard by people who can really make a difference, and at least one of them liked what I had to say.

Today was environmental lobby day, and I learned how to effectively speak with my representatives, and I learned about a variety of issues. I pushed my representatives to endorse bio-diesel, create a protective habitat for fish, and get the Department of Environmental Quality to monitor the emissions of various toxins into the Columbia, and Willamette River.

Overall this was a great experience. I learned that the people in the House of Representatives and the Senate of Oregon are very approachable. They are ordinary people, except, they have a larger say in what is happening than most voters.

This has prompted me to write allot more about visiting your capital, and how to lobby effectively. I plan on doing this in future posts, but until then, I encourage everyone to try and get involved in your communities.


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