Monday, February 14, 2005

Dr.Martin Luther King

This mustached man is Martin Luther King, if you do not know of him, you should. He is my second quality example of a revolutionary, Martin Luther led a mass struggle for equality that doomed segregation and changed the United States for ever. That is something pretty big to accomplish. TIME magazine says: “For all King did to free blacks from the yoke of segregation, whites may owe him the greatest debt, for liberating them from the burden of America's centuries-old hypocrisy about race. It is only because of King and the movement that he led that the U.S. can claim to be the leader of the "free world" without inviting smirks of disdain and disbelief.” I can probably only use him as a good example a revolutionary person. King was a minister who fought for freedom, he was courageous and radical.

I to, will fight for radical-ness, and every day I am coming closer to my personal revolution, I think it will involve helping.

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