Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I know what I do NOT want my revolution to reflect.

I was playing around with the next blog button for a while today until I found the antithesis of my revolution is: Libhater. This site is intense, and is pretty much about how liberals are ruining the United States. It is amazing, and I think all people should see what kind of thing not to do. Be close minded. I think part of my revolution will be based on inclusion rather than exclusion, and maybe more importantly, open mindedness rather than closed.

I also learned something else valuable from this site: It is allot easier to get reviews when you right ad hominem attacks on half of the populations beliefs, opposed to writing papers that praise good things that people do.

Anyway, my quest for a new revolution is slowly becoming more focused, thanks to great examples of what I do not want to become.


FrogJD2 said...

Hey... you randomly posted "Yeah" on a blog that I published, but by accident. Curiously, I followed your profile here.

I've glanced over your blog, and I find your desire and passion for a revolution intriguing. I think it's awesome that you feel you, a single human being, can make a difference in the world. I also find it "Revolutionary" that in a previous blog, you recognize that "I am the problem" and the way to change the world is to adjust your own behaviors first.

One question that I wish to know:


Why do you have such tenacity to become a revolutionary, renegade, or activist? Why do you desire to make a difference? What's the driving force behind all these blogs? And please, speak honestly and from the deepest controlling factor of your heart

Chuck said...

Eric, I have my own theory about Jesse from Libhater. Funny thing is he will read this and call me a moron because that is what he does. Anyway, Jesse has some pretty firm beliefs and is intelligent enough to back them up. However, he likes to push buttons and get angry responses. That is why he presents them how he does. His problem isn't his antagonism it is that he hasn't thought through the consequences of what he posts or what his unwavering believes actually result in. Read his arguments anywhere he posts them and I think you will understand what I am getting at. I enjoy reading your blog. I am still interested in how education will play in your revolution. Let me know.