Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Education is Fundamental

Not only is education fundamental, it is crucial for my revolution, something that I want to become is a citizen. I know that I like many are “citizens” of the United States. But what does that mean? I believe that you should only really be considered a citizen if you know what is going on around you. Becoming a citizen is not a passive act, citizens need to vote, but a vote is worthless if you do not know what it will mean to you. I am working on becoming aware of the news, not only in my local area, but global news as well. I have started reading the International Herald Tribune, a fantastic newspaper with a detached and varied view on the United States and its affects on the world. I am also reading the Oregonian, Oregon’s main news paper. It is important to be informed of the news because all of the things happening in the world can affect you, and you have to be aware of what you can do to affect these situations. Reading the paper will help you find ways to make a difference. This in essence, is why I feel that education is important.

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Final Historian said...

If you are interested in another balanced source from a different perspective, I recommend The Economist.

It is a British newspaper, which while heavily financial, has plenty of news, both on European matters and American. Good as a general news source, and for helping keep track of what is going on in Europe.