Thursday, February 24, 2005

Your rights are Under attack. Don't Wait.

From: The Peaceworker.

...Dr. Lawrence Britt, a scholar who studied fascism and summed up his findings in an article entitled Fascism Anyone?

Dr. Britt has defined 14 characteristics of fascist regimes. They are:

1. Powerful and continuing nationalism an overwhelming “my country, right or wrong” attitude;
2. Disdain for recognition of human rights a willingness to turn away from human rights violations;
3. Attempting to unify the country by identifying common enemies or scapegoats;
4. Supremacy of the military;
5. Rampant sexism;
6. Controlled mass media;
7. Obsession with national security, defined in military terms;
8. Religion and government become intertwined;
9. Corporate power is protected;
10. Labor power is suppressed;
11. Disdain for intellectuals and the arts free expression is suppressed;
12. Obsession with crime and punishment;
13. Cronyism and corruption are rampant, i.e. friends of the leaders wield all the power;
14. Fraudulent elections.

...It is all-too-easy to toss around words like “fascism” as easy as it is to label people “terrorists” or “communists.” In fact, it may come under heading #3 above unless we carefully define our terms. Britt’s 14 points do that in a clear and definitive way. Measure George Bush’s policies against these 14 points and make your own determination. Does the shoe fit? I think it does.

Now measure Hitler’s regime against the 14 points. Another good fit.

...Whether you are a feminist, peace activist, environmentalist, [etc]... your right and ability to struggle for your cause is under attack. Please note the distinction: it is not just the cause itself that is under attack. That’s obvious. My point is that the Bushies want to undermine your ability to even express and work for your vision. They are giving comfort to those who would accuse you of disturbing the peace, supporting the terrorists, being a terrorist, being a criminal, being too smart for your own good and/or destroying America.

Written by: Peter Bergel

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