Sunday, February 27, 2005

Email to Principal Dorsey of White County High

Email to Principal Dorsey of White County HS

This is the email I wrote in response to White County, Georgia: Controversy in Gay PRIDE

Principal Dorsey,

I have been following the news about your school, and its formation of PRIDE, which I fully support. I think there is no better place to teach tolerance and acceptance to students than in schools, and as educators, you have an obligation to lead by example. You must realize, what was once a town squabble has now become national news. At this time the nation is watching to see which actions you take, and what you are doing will reflect on Georgia, the south, and the United States. I can only hope that you take a responsible action, and allow Kerry Pacer to form her club.

Eric Carlson

I encourage all of you to get involved as well, and email Principal Dorsey at and tell him what you think. (Please feel free to copy my email if you cannot think of one on your own)


Emily said...

Thanks for the post on my Live Journal. We've been sending e-mails to the school board since this started. Your profile says you live in Oregon. I wasn't aware that an issue in our little backwoods town had any impact on people so far away. I also don't have a television, so what do I know? This has been so hard on my sister, Abby. She is a student here in White County and a lesbian. She is good friends with Kerry Pacer. I've only met Kerry a few times, but she is an awesome person I think. Anyway, thank you for helping us over here. We need all the support we can get. I like the rest of your blog, too. Glad to see someone actually cares about the world. And, hey, if you ever need help with what you are doing, feel free to e-mail me, or my mother,

Emily Farrar

Storm Trooper said...

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Yanni Znaio said...

I actually LIVED in White County, Georgia for about a year (Cleveland is the county seat, BTW, and there's a pseudo-Bavarian tourist town called Helen about ten miles north of there.

And before you start da-da-dum-dum-da-dum-dum-dum-ming the first line of "Dueling Banjos" (and I've hiked some of THAT gorge, as well, many years ago, but I digress.) let me tell you that despite the redneck reputation of such places, there's a helluva lot more tolerance up there than most outsiders would believe.