Thursday, February 17, 2005

Listening and Revolutionizing

After talking to my writing professor about my revolution he told me that one of the most important things about starting a revolution is to listen to the people. After some consideration of this I believe that a major factor in my ability to start a revolution will be my listening skills. I can hear most things just fine, but I really need to take an active part to try and understand what people are saying before I attempt to fix a problem. Instead of listening with the intent to reply, I need to listen with the intent to understand.

“Listening is an attitude, a mindset that dictates whether you are either self-centered or other-centered. If you are self-centered, you are most likely cutting others off, refusing to give feedback, not engaged, and daydreaming among others. If you are other-centered, you are focused on listening, but more importantly you are hearing what is being said and are working intensely to connect the dots—the hidden messages, the ones that are not openly communicated yet are there for the taking.”
--Phil Holborton

Being “other-centered” is essential to my revolution, I do not want to start a revolution just to change myself, but I want to do something to help make our society better. Therefore, I need to focus on the many various thoughts that are being conveyed and try to understand them. As I become a better listener I will become a better revolutionary.


FrogJD2 said...

I like what you bring up in this post... I've always heard that a sign of a good leader is someone who spends the majority of their conversations listening...

May I offer up another question--as you continue to search for your revolution's purpose, would it help to understand the heart of the issue? In other words, you say that you want to "Fix a problem." In a previous post you mentioned (if you'll allow me to put it in my own words) that you want to make some change as a positive force in the world... Then what I'm suggesting is that perhaps you should ask another "Why?" question: "Why does the world need a change for the better... that implies that things are not good... why is that? What is original cause of our messing things up?"

Again, it's just a thought I had for getting closer to the purpose you're seeking. said...
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