Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Thoughts on Making a Difference

After thinking about my revolution for a while I realized that in order for this revolution to grow I have to start somewhere. I am going to start with changing myself. I think that everything I do has an affect on someone else, and I can either affect them unconsciously, or consciously, meaning, I have to be aware of all of my actions, from the things that I say to the way that I drive. Everything. I believe that I have a personal responsibility to make a difference; I can only make a positive change in society by becoming a better person first. I know that this will not be easy to start my revolution, but you do not run a marathon without first running a mile. I have to take small steps. And maybe I should start running too. Like real running, not metaphorical.

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Final Historian said...

This kind of attitude is all too rare, and should be conmended. All change starts from within. If you want to make a better world, start with yourself. Only if you fix your own faults first are you prepared, and serious enough, to face the challenges of the world at large.