Tuesday, February 22, 2005

My Concerns for the State of the Nation

I have decided that in my revolution, I should focus on problems that I need to fix. I have been going for a good two weeks without any specific ideas. Today is the day that I start to identify the major social problems that I think should be corrected.

Although these are problems of the world, I think that like my personal revolution, it is important to help yourself grow before you can effectively help others. I am not saying that I do not condone efforts around the world; in fact I think they are fantastic, but I think that the people of the United States should take a look at its priorities. For example, when the tsunami hit southern Asia there was allot of money sent for relief. We need to consider the metaphorical tsunami that is hurting our educational system, our environment, and our people. If people volunteered or donated to help something they can not see, why can’t they donate and volunteer to help better the ills of society that they face every day?

In my revolution I want to fix these problems, and the most important thing that needs attention in our society is education. The growth in concern for education has been growing but the funding for education has been declining. I want to help improve the state of our schools. If I focus on education all of the subsequent problems will cease to exist.

Secondly, the environment is a major concern. We are only given one earth, and we have to make the most of it. We should stop pollution. Global warming is a problem, and should be stopped by the implement of the Kyoto agreement. We should be working more towards an economy that is not gas powered, and we should recycle (especially the middle part of our country). Those are my major environmental concerns for right now, but more may come to me.

Thirdly, we have to eliminate poverty and hunger, thus eliminating homelessness. If we were to increase our minimum wage, to increase buying power, and increase availability of affordable housing, by restructuring land usage codes, we could take out a huge chunk of homelessness. Another way to fight hunger and create jobs would be to create more community gardens, and start more farmers markets. Most of the homeless do not want to stay in their current situation, and they should be helped.

Lastly, we should work towards peace. If everyone helps out their neighbor, the world would be a better place. We have to lead from example. Instead of school shootings and wars, there should be volunteering and, well volunteering abroad.

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boylan said...

Geez, talk about ill-informed...

I'll give you education, it's pretty much useless at this point.

But global warming? Please. Do you want to know why the temperature is rising? Because of where they _take_ the temperature.

Why has Phoenix's average temperature risen five degrees in the last few decades? Because Phoenix used to be desert, not black roofs and asphalt. The radiant heat coming off of human development is causing the localized increase in temperature. Arizona's average state temperature has remained the same. The earth is roughly as warm as it was years ago, actually, it's cooler. You know that Britain used to export wine? Oh, and "Limey" Brits used to roam the seas? Guess what, they can't grow grapes and lime groves as well now, why? Because it's not hot enough in Britain.

Homelessness? A lot of people are homeless because they choose to be. They don't want to be members of our society. They don't want the responsibility of a 9 to 5 (that's really 8 to 6).

Raising minimum wage would just raise the costs of goods elsewhere. Status quo remains the same.

As the population increases (although admittedly, the wealthier the population the less women are likely to have the 2.2 children necessary to sustain growth), land will become more expensive. Land will almost ALWAYS increase in value, because there will be less of it per capita. Laws won't change that.

Oh, and for the record, I work for an environmentalist company. Complete with Sierra Club calendars.