Thursday, February 17, 2005

My first real action

I stopped talking about a revolution and I finally did something! I am currently a student of Portland Community College in Portland Oregon. However, there is a potential problem with its funding.

"As you may know, the state budget for community colleges is grim," said Pulliams. "We are the only sector of education that received a cut in funding from last biennium in the Governor's proposed budget. Unless we receive additional funds from the state, we will have to make major program reductions and cut access for thousands of students."

There is a group of students, educators, and others going to the capital on the 24th to the House and Senate galleries where they will be recognized from the floor by each chamber.

Unfortunately, I have to be in class on this day, but I did the next best thing, I wrote a letter to my congressmen. Although this is just a small thing to do, everything makes a difference, and you have to start somewhere.

Many activist websites recommend writing letters to your elected officials, because you do have the power not to vote for them, so they will usually read what you have to say. Especially if you write them a real letter instead of just email them. To find information on your elected officials go to one of the million activism websites such as:

If there is something important to you that you think should happen. Tell someone about it!

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Knot said...

wow, Eric, that's a great thing u did :D Surely you are already start making a change, standing up for what you want/believe ^^ We definately need more people like u :)