Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Ecological Footprint (I take up allot of space)

Looking to see what kind of things I could improve in myself and my community, to start my revolution to make something better. I found a website to find out how big my Ecological Footprint is. I found out that if everyone lived like I do we would need about 4.3 earths to satisfy all of the demands of everyone in the world. This made me start thinking about my revolution HARD. I know that I use allot of products, many of which I do not need, and I am aware that many people are not getting products that they do need. I think I am going to try to equal this out.

One of the first things I am going to start to do is to eat less meat. According to the web link above, the people from Earthday say that, "A plant-based diet generally requires less land, energy, and other resources. Crop-based food requires an average of 0.78 global hectares per ton of food, compared to 2.1 global hectares required to produce one ton of animal-based food. "

That means that if I eat fewer Animals there will theoretically be less demand for space and more room for plants. My revolution is becoming clear. I encourage you to go and see what your Ecological Footprint is and send it to me as feedback. I think that I can make a difference... you know, with your help.

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FrogJD2 said...

A friend sent me this... it's Conscious Consumer section is excellent! http://www.newdream.org/