Friday, February 18, 2005

Second Action: Cleanup of Transient Camp - part 1

Today I helped bring cleaning supplies, rakes, gloves, garbage bags, etc… to an abandoned transient camp in Forest Grove Oregon, at Gales creek. This creek is the source of drinking water for Forest Grove, and is also prime steelhead, cutthroat trout, and coho salmon habitat. Tomorrow we will be cleaning up an abandoned transient camp, which was estimated to have had up to 100 homeless people living there at one time. The transient camp was occupied off and on for the last five years. Now that they are out, there is a lot of garbage to clean up. For example, today while scouting out the site we found, a plethora of aluminum cans, holey tents, bike parts, tarps, lawn chairs, clothing, a couple of seats taken from vans, and much more.

Tomorrow I, along with upwards of 60 students from Pacific University, and Clearwater Services, will be trying to clean up the majority of the camp, restoring the riparian zone to its once uncluttered natural beauty.

Every day I am becoming more revolutionary.


nuuki said...
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nuuki said...

Nice work, one question: what happened to the transient people?
(I misspelled and deleted the previous comment)