Monday, February 14, 2005

Lech Walesa

This man is Lech Walesa, he is my first example of a revolutionary, because he was revolutionary. Lech was the first non-communist Prime minister of Poland in more than 40 years, and also elected Poland’s first non-communist president. He helped end communism and thus end the cold war, and he was feisty.

Lech’s First Main Goal: moving his fellow workers away from mere wage claims and toward a central, daringly political demand: free trade unions.

Walesa started his protest against the government when he was 37, therefore, if I want to start a revolution, I have 16 years to work on it. According to TIME magazine Lech had an “electrifying personality, quick whit and a gift for gab...[he was] unpredictable, often infuriating, but he had a natural genius for politics, a matchless ability for sensing popular moods, and great powers of swaying a crowd.”

Gab – gab n 1. light informal conversation for social occasions

I think that I might have gab as well, I am going to have to work on being electric though, I guess there might be some revolutionaries who are not, I will have to do some more research. Also, I find myself to be unpredictable and infuriating, and I am going to take a Political Science class so that might help me with this revolution of mine.

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